Social Networking Websites For Photographers

Social Networking For Photographers

Every professional photographer needs a professional website. These are just a few website that should be beneficial to you. Do your research and find the best fit for your photography needs.

What is it? A fully hosted, completely managed environment for creating and maintaining a beautiful website, blog, or portfolio.
Who is it for?
Anyone who wants to create an extraordinary website. Bloggers. Businesses. Photographers. Our flexible platform powers sites of all sizes.
Why use it?
We give you full control over your content and site customization. You can build a website or create a blog 10X faster on our comprehensive platform.

Photo Merchant.
Creating a professional photography website and selling your photographs online has never been easier and the price is not bad. Check them out to see if they are a good fit for your needs.

Although twitter is designed for reading and posting solely updates, it can be helpful for photographers. The followers that you gain by posting what you’re up to are likely to read or come across many of your updates. By posting links to images – perhaps images that you’re currently working on, you expose your followers to more of your work. At the end of the day, it is still another social networking site that you’ve gotta keep up on, but the end result is the same: exposure for your business!

Facebook is a great social networking site, but like Twitter, is not only for photography. Right now its the biggest social network site out there with over 600 million users. Although they might not all be in your target market there is a huge potential to reach people and some unique features that Facebook has.
One of the best tools that Facebook has is the ability to ‘tag’ photos which can help them be seen by many people and let your content start to go viral. A great way to use Facebook is to upload a few images from a shoot and tag your clients in the photo. This will be shown on their Facebook wall for all of their family and friends to view. If you have a client who is into Facebook that can get your work seen by hundreds if not thousands of people this is wonderful. It’s a great way to have your work be seen and get your branding in front of people to start building that referral business.

Model Mayhem.
Like websites such as MySpace and Facebook, you can create a profile with images, have the ability to comment, message, tag and post on other profiles. Model Mayhem allows photographers, models, makeup artists, fashion designers and more the ability to network, and set up photo sessions.
Because many of the profiles on Model Mayhem might be considered offensive, there is still a strong level of caution and discretion that should be used when setting up a photo shoot. Model Mayhem is great because it is widely used. Chances are, you’ll be able to find a decent handful of serious models, or those aspiring to be successful models. There isn’t a lot of money to be made using Model Mayhem, for most everyone are looking to trade, but there is definitely something to be said about portfolio images!

clickbooq was developed from the ground up to be the most usable, customizable and versatile interactive portfolio solution available to professional photographers today.

These are just a few. Do a little research to find what suits your specific needs.


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