Beautiful wedding photos slideshow

Weddings are special occasions that bring family and friends together from all over the world. The days leading up to the big day are filled with an array of emotions. But then the clock stops, and it's time for the bride and groom to shine. Your day has arrived and not a moment too soon. Preparations have been made and checked off, all of the decorations are in place, guests have arrived, the families have been seated, and the music begins.

Wedding photographs are some of the most beautiful images around. The bride is stunningly breath taking and the groom is oh so handsome. Bridesmaids and Groomsmen are all dressed up in their very best. Parents and grandparents are nervous and happy all at the same time because their children have made one of the biggest decisions of their life.

Some photographers shy away from wedding photography because there is so much at stake. There are no do-overs or retakes. If you don’t capture the moment the first time, it will be a sad and disappointing time for all involved, especially the bride who has waited all her life for this day to arrive.

Beautiful wedding photos capture some of the most intimate of moments at weddings and receptions. Groom wiping tears from his mother’s face, father watching lovingly as his baby girl hold the hand of her future husband and recite sacred vows. Photographers have to have eyes in the back of their head or a second shooter in order to try their best to capture images that will bring tears of joy to the happy couple every time they view them.

I have photographed lots of weddings and have been touched and inspired by all of them, there is something magical about a man and woman who love each other join hands together and vow to work for the rest of their life to be one. With each wedding I become more and more proficient and creative in my craft.
Weddings are a lot of work for all involved and preparations have sometimes been years in the making, but the end result is something that can never be duplicated again.

I have put together a sideshow of just a few wedding images that I have captured over the years. I cherish these images almost as much as the couples behind the lens.

Photography is a lot like love, it's seeing with the heart as well as the eyes.