How to become a product photographer

Product photography can be seen everywhere today, magazines, online, flyers, brochures, bill boards and much more. Photographing products is a fairly easy task, provided you have adequate lighting. I say it's fairly easy because you are working with objects that don't move so you don’t have to worry about blurry images because your subject moved before you could snap the picture, red eyes also won't be a problem. It can also be challenging because lighting different subjects takes a little trial and error, education and knowing how the different settings on your camera work. Most products are shot on a white background, so make sure this item is in your photography bag, but by all means experiment with different color backgrounds, you might stumble upon an award-winning image.

The overhead for product photography is pretty low, you can buy a Studio Table Top Kit with the lights for under $100 to get your started, preferably something that is easy to travel with. You can always upgrade later as the need arises. You can also search Youtube and find out how to make your own studio table top kit, just don’t skimp on the lights, they are the most important part of the process.

I love shooting products because I can play around with different props to give one product many different looks. I have used sweaters to cover the bottom of products, candle holders not used as candle holders, shoes, flowers and most anything I can find around the house to make my products stand out and look amazing.

Thinking outside the box is the heart and soul of a photographer. We look at things different from others and everything is subject to photographed by us.

There are thousands of companies that hire product photographers. Search the internet and research all you can about these companies. Also subscribe to some free photography magazines, most of them have a help wanted section in the back, view the open positions and apply if you think you are a good fit for them. Do a Google search and you will have your hands full trying to sort through all the information that comes up for product photographers and other photography work.

To get you started, here is a list of web sites that you can search and hopefully find your very first job as a product photographer. I have also included a slide show of some jewelry that I have photographed.


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